About Us

Hi! We’re Nathan & Adriana Pope. Welcome to Yet Another Visa Run.

We’re smoothie aficionados who now make travel apps for a living.

Two years ago, we quit our corporate jobs and purchased one-way tickets to Thailand. Our round-the-world trip extended far beyond our original timeline but we found ourselves increasingly ecstatic. Nathan & I had grown fond of waking up disoriented in new countries and jostling through crowded markets filled with the scent of incense.

wedding day nathan adriana pope
Our spur of the moment wedding day back in 2009 at a lighthouse

Natives of Los Angeles, California we’ve quickly become addicted to the wilder side of life in Southeast Asia. What can we say? The land of ancient temples and surreal ceremonies seems to have a real hold on us.

We created this blog as a way to stay connected with our family and friends back home. To our own surprise, we even began filming our adventures and sharing these videos on our Youtube channel Nate & Adriana.

nate and adriana kampot cambodia
Relaxing in the beautiful countryside of Kampot, Cambodia

With Nate’s background in programming and mine in Investment Banking, we’ve combined our skills to create a software company Nomad Travel Apps. Our primary focus is to build app that help fellow travelers.

On Yet Another Visa Run, we share our personal experiences and write straight-forward travel guides. Yet Another Visa Run was created as a resource for budget travelers near and far.

nathan adriana pope indonesia
Nate & I exploring the backroads of Bali Indonesia on our rusty moped

In retrospect, leaving on this trip has been the greatest decision we ever made. Thanks so much for following us on our journey!