In this video Adriana and I spend some time exploring the sleepy river town of Kampot Cambodia. This town was previously a port town until it was eclipsed by the larger town of Sihanoukville located to the east.

Kampot is the ideal spot for exploring the south east coast of Cambodia which is what we plan to do over the upcoming days.

Here are our plans for the moment:

  • Visiting the neighboring town of Kep for a bit.
  • Explore the Bokor mountains and the abandoned French colonial buildings by motorbike
  • We also want to explore a quiet beach of Sihanoukville

After spending time in the Southeast of Cambodia we also want to see some of the Cambodian islands, explore some of the central parts of the country like Battambang all before finishing up in the must see town of Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor.

I have heard that Sihanoukville isn’t the best area of Cambodia and it is home to some of the aspects of backpacking and travel that we tend to avoid. However, I have heard of some really nice beaches in Sihanoukville that I really want to see and the town is on the way to the West coast of Cambodia so it is somewhat inevitable that we will go through it at some point.

Overall I would say that our experience in Cambodia has been surprisingly slow paced and really relaxing. I guess I has assumed that there would be some similarities to Vietnam but the places we have seen have been quite different. There is less traffic and people just seem to be in less of a hurry overall.

I can wait to see what the rest of this tiny Asian country has to offer. I think we are absolutely falling for the charming town of Kampot and for Cambodia in general.

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