If you’re looking for some delicious seafood tapas on the river in Porto, one place you should definitely try is the Taberna Cais das Pedras. We went all out and ordered a full spread of tapas here and I am so glad that we kept going because our favorite dishes were actually the ones we ordered last.

My favorite tapas of the night

The melted camembert cheese: This cheese was baked in it’s thick rind and then sliced open and was topped with some fresh herbs and a medium spicy chili oil. Don’t forget to get a fresh basket of bread to spread the cheese on!

Tiny Fried Fish: There wasn’t a name for the fish on the menu and I think you are just served the fish that are the fresh catch of the day. You eat the entire fish whole (head and all) and the fish that we had were similar to sardines.

The Roasted Peppers: These peppers were a real surprise. They are olive oil roasted small green chili peppers that are not spicy at all. They are then tossed in coarse sea salt. Highly recommended!

We also tried: The grilled octopus, the clams, grilled mushrooms, and the snails which were my least favorite due to the frail shells being difficult to eat.

We also had a nice bottle of dry red wine from the Douro region in northern Portugal. All of the wine that we have had from Douro has been delicious. The wine we chose for our dinner was: Fragulho”2016 Douro Tinto

Walking Directions to Taberna Cais das Pedras

From the Universidade of Porto, head west on Rua da Restauração for about 20 minutes by foot. There is a small street that you can turn left on and the restaurant is located right on the riverfront.

Street Address

Rua Monchique 56 58Porto 4050-394, Portugal
+351 913 164 584

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  1. Portuguese Reply

    Yep, the fish are indeed sardines.
    Hum… btw, you were not supposed to eat the snail shells, just the snails.

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